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Gusto da Gianni

Portside Wharf
Remora Road
Hamilton QLD 4007

Phone: 07 3868 2011
Fax: 07 3868 2122
Web: www.gustodagianni.com

Gusto da Gianni, Portside Wharf, Hamilton


Hailing from Italy, Gianni has long dreamt of creating something which incorporates the timeless traditions from his native land in such a way that allows those experiencing it to feel as though they are there themself.

The result is Gusto da Gianni, a unique concept, with a number of different spaces within the one venue, including an Italian osteria, cantina, pizzeria, formaggeria, private groups rooms and authentic Spanish tapas bar.

Gusto da Gianni welcomes everyone from families and couples to corporate functions or those looking for a glass of wine and a quick bite to eat.

Gusto da Gianni have returned to the origins of Italy and Spain’s best and most genuine cuisine and prepare it for you with the freshest and highest quality local ingredients.

You can expect a wide selection of pasta dishes, including tagliatelle porcini, and gnocchi with gorgonzola, as well as risottos, traditional pizzas such as margherita and siciliana; and mains such as saltimbocca alla romana.

Gianni's long-time chef Javier Codina runs the Spanish tapas bar at the front of the venue, creating dishes from his home town of Barcelona.

With waterfront views of the Brisbane River, Gusto da Gianni is also a fantastic place to have a relaxed drink in the lounge space, with a large wine list specializing in Spanish and Italian wines to match the food.

Seating up to 600 in a variety of seating configurations, Gusto da Gianni has a rustic warmth with a cluttered, family-style interior – think stone walls, colourful ceramics in rustic sideboards, large images of smiling Europeans and big group tables.

Gusto da Gianni can cater to any sized group, from couples to large groups and private parties. Reservations can be made for groups of six or more.